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@EASE Updates

        Crystal Reports

Please ensure you have installed the SAP Crystal Reports run-time engine for the .NET Framework (32-bit)

(any version between 13.0.17 and 13.0.28 ).

​For those who have not updated, please download and run Crystal Reports, as required for this update.  

Crystal Download


If you have issues running crystal reports, download the exe file, place it in the Ease folder, and run it.


 Please note: An extra number was added to the extension to enable downloading of the above file. Please update to .EXE.


​          ** Please Note: if you are installing this version of Crystal, you may need to confirm your margin settings.


Paper Receipts

Receipt Margin check for all Users running Crystal Reports *** For clients using Preprinted Paper Receipts Only ***

The Receipt Margin describes how to test your receipt margins (this applies to pre-printed receipts only). If you do not have rights to change your Ease or Ease2008 folder, which is found under Program Files x86 or Program Files, your IT support person may be required. 

​ *** When testing the receipt margins, you must close @EASE and re-open it should a change be made as it is at this time. The program reads the margin settings.

Program Update V3.5.2023.1227 requires Database Version 4.13 

Please Note:  The Program Update Patch must be run on all workstations with @EASE.  

​The Patch can be downloaded to the EaseResources\EaseProgramUpdates folder and run from each workstation with shared access to this folder.

Very Important:

The database update is only required to be run once only.

Database Update Download    Database Update V413


​The database update must be run from one of the workstations, which has been updated with the current patch.

Save the downloaded EaseUpdate file to the folder where the Ease program instructions are housed. 

Program Files\Ease2008  or Program Filesx86\Ease.

Use Run As Administrator when running the program patch or database update.

​Update Files for Download 

​            Ease Program Patch      Download 


*** For clients with databases that have not yet been updated to V408, this must be run before the EaseUpdate409.exe due to the password change on Ease.mdb.

​Database Update Download    Database Update V410

​Database Update  Download   Database Update V409

Database Update  Download   Database Update V408

​Database Update Download    Database Update V406  (for databases <406)

New Features

​The current New Features document can be found in the @EASE New Features Tutorials. 

The charity's responsibility is to keep all staff updated with new features.

Review the new Analytical Reports found in @EASE Tutorials.

Compact Database Utility for MDB Databases Only

​Please Note: This update requires a New Compactdatabase2019 utility.

Run CompactDatabase2019 regularly as a scheduled activity, preferably in the early morning hours when all @EASE users are out of the system.

The utility resides in the same folder as the database. If you have the database on a server, you must install the VB utility below on your server.


​The download file is a Zip format containing the.EXE and CONFIG files. Both files need to reside in the folder with the Ease.MDB file.

Download VB Utility

Download Compactdatabase2019

This should be scheduled to run weekly. For organizations with a high volume of entries, run this utility nightly when no users are logged in.

SCREEN Modifications:

*** For Screen settings,  DPI settings need to be Smallest. Use Resolution to make your view larger. ***

Changes other than the recommended method will cause screens not to react properly.

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