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Analytics & Opportunity

Analysing appeals and campaigns helps determine if the charity is on the right path.

*** To view the reports we recommend using your tablet or laptop for this page ***

@EASE has made working with data easy; you can run reports and view graphs in seconds without asking for help!

Donation Analysis Report is by postal zone (postal code or zip code) showing how many received the appeal, how many responded, giving a count by donation size. Add a percentage based on the gross receipts and you have real data to use versus the hunch!



Contribution Analysis Report compares like appeals to see if donation sizes are moving up, staying constant or decreasing. Is it the appeal message, the time of year or the solicitation list? These are questions for development staff.


Comparison by Year Report displays total activity over several fiscal years. The numbers show the activity, the graph makes a picture which is easy to understand. The same group of years can be examined by fiscal quarter to see which part of the year is the most productive. The report can be run for the current fiscal year showcasing results by month.


Consistent Donors? Find your most consistent donors by dollar range and over a given number of fiscal years. The ability to say thank you to committed donors is priceless, and maybe this could be the beginning of a planned gift program.

Donor Retention Report shows when current year donors last gave a gift defined as a donation.

Lapsed Donors? Finding lapsed donors is simple as we track the first and last year donated as well as what their activity has been for each year in between.

Supported by Year, Campaign lets you find all participants who have attended events by a year range, every year or most of those years.

Review Summary by Year or  By Month or By Quarter This report provides details like the number of donations, number of unique donors, total donations and average gift size. The report lists charitable and non-charitable activity.

Members with Donation Amounts lets you, group donors, by business or giving history to easily show the last five years of activity with the number of gifts per year, the total amount given and an overall average. The report can be used to show sponsorships or dollars raised through event participation.

The Profile Report is used to ensure you have the most current information on a donor for those all-important one-on-one visits. You can select the data to be included, which offers a wide range of relationship data and gift history.

The Corporate Contact Profile Report lists all staff members for a given organization. You cannot forget a name when you go prepared.

Dickens tracks your activity with donors and supporters. View all the activity or only your activity. Organizational history is now conserved.  Think of Dickens as Past, Present and Future. Now you know why we called this function Dickens!

@EASE LOVES DATA! If transforms a stagnant situation into a Vibrant Fund Development Program!

Make Your Decisions on Accurate Live Data!


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