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It's all about PEOPLE and How you Connect

Where is the information you need? 

Is it at your fingertips just seconds away or

is it everywhere and sometimes nowhere to be found?

@EASE offers a system where the information you collect and record builds  a Knowledgebase

that stays with you through staff change.




                                                         ROBERT BOYCE     

Consider 15 Second Retrieval

You have accurate access to what you need.


Cloud or Installed

  • @EASE uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Run a Remote Desktop and Webclient option

  • Work anywhere at any time with @EASE Cloud

Individuals and Organizations

  • indepth profiles: donor interests, characteristics, memberships, achievements, relationships and recognition

  • total giving by Fiscal Year for every year supported

  • identifying valued donors to recognize their support is quick and accurate

Communications Tab

  • Link documents, webpages, websites, photos, social media to your donors


  • track your present and future actions with donors. Dickens is the charity's organizational history.  Dickens is Past Present and Future

Campaigns or Appeals

  • All types of appeals are run through @EASE. Everything from Capital Campaigns to third-party events, galas, monthly giving and more.


  • pre-printed receipts, PDF receipts, eReceipts and Yearly receipts in all categories

Reports & List Extracts

  • Data extracts are quick, easy and accurate without queries.

  • Reports do not require staff to create queries. @EASE software engineers create accurate reports. 

  • See our Analytics Page

iATS Payments Integration

  • Get a Merchant Account with iATS Payments
  • iATS Payments processes both credit card and EFT payments.
  • Recurring gifts set up the payment details for the new year in seconds.

Online Donations


  • Volunteer interests, accreditations and recognition

  • Track volunteer hours for scheduled activity


  • @EASE offers many on-line tutorials and documents to support our clients.

  • Tutorials are accessible from the Main Menu.


  • New clients receive two days of training at our Learning Centre for one individual.

  • Online webinars on request or by our schedule

Our Support

  • We provide our clients with the support they need. We specialize in data management and all aspects of donor management. Read our Reviews.​​

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