We consider fundraising very much business activity. Next, we believe in a plan first strategy and not simply HOPE!  

@EASE is designed to bring together a complete collection of data and resources used by FD staff.

Donors, prospects, advocates, professionals, media ... everyone important to telling your story, donating or speaking on your behalf become members of your community as defined and recorded in @EASE.


Remote Desktop Top through Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop Web access are now available for our charitable non-profit organizations. Run live with one install site and multiple users. Travel with your tablet to visit clients while having access to all your data! Fundraising staff have never had it so easy, so accessible or so accurate! Contact us for a DEMO!

Feature List:

Individuals and Organizations

  • private and corporate/organization master records. 999,999 records per each master file. 

  • contacts are employees you can record 99 per organization. Other Offices removes the issue of multiple records where there are branch offices.

  • profiles which include donor interests, qualities or characteristics, memberships, relationships and recognition

  • record achievements for individuals

  • donor summary by fiscal year showing total activity for benefits, charitable donations, sponsorship dollars, merchandise gifts and purchases, and participation (dollars raised though event participation). A complete transaction list of gifts.

  • For private donors, there are family members and achievements and vacation address.

Communications Tab

  • link web pages, websites, documents, photos, social media

  • Donor Communications folder and Grant Proposal folder define through the charity's EaseKMS.


  • The EaseKMS is your Knowledge Management System

  • It consists of a series of folders identified by function.

  • We call the Charity's Toolkit

  • Batsch Group received recognition for our work in KMS development from the Canadian Consulting Engineers and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta. We have given this useful too to our charity clients to improve their productivity and manage the electronic tools they create. We believe in fifteen-second access to files through the use of our KMS strategy. 


  • record present and future actions and activities with donors. Dickens is available to who has access to @EASE. Dickens is the charity's organizational history.

Campaigns or Appeals

  • donations of all types - unsolicited, unsolicited GIK, in memory, in honour of, third party, bequests, newsletters, capital campaigns, monthly donors, sponsorships, ticket sales, revenue dollars, auction items, auction sales, memberships, lottery tickets ... you name @EASE can record it.

  • default values to simplify data entry.

  • Thank you messages which appear on the receipt, the contributions tab showing a gift count by dollar value, donation totals, notes and volunteer actions where required sets up a campaign or appeal

  • Notification for In Memory or In Honour of gifts

  • Email message for eReceipts


  • pre-printed receipts, PDF receipts, eReceipts and Yearly receipts in all categories

Reports & Extracts

  • reports of all forms, and colourful graphs for board presentations!

  • view the section on our Analytic Reports

  • no queries to write. We taught computer technology at technical skills. As an FD staff member, you are paid to raise dollars not run queries.

  • we add new reports and extracts based on client feedback and at no cost to you. See our Analytics Page.

Fixed Length and Recurring Monthly or Periodic Donations

  • Our pledge system is the most flexible system in the market.

  • Each gift is based on a pledge detail identifying the amount and the date allowing for odd date ranges and different amounts where needed.

  • iATS Payments processes both credit card and EFT payments.

  • Recurring gifts set up the payment details for the new year in seconds.

  • Great reporting and exports

Online Donations, Tickets, Registrations, and Peer to Peer Fundraising

  • Check our online systems developed exclusively to work with @EASE.

  • Seamless importing, data comparisons to prevent duplicates and quality data ensure the best of both worlds.

  • iATS Payments is used for all credit card and EFT monthly donations in a fully PCI Compliant environment. 

  • Click for more information on Donate Now and Raise Funds with Ease 

Volunteer Management

  • The Volunteer Summary tracks first and last year volunteered and total hours.

  • Volunteer Credentials records key dates and accreditations.

  • Volunteer Interests identify how volunteers would like to help.

  • Volunteer Recognition is the charity's way to say Thank You.

  • There are three methods to record Volunteer Hours in @EASE. 

    •  By assigned hours where the schedule is recorded through a campaign master. This is useful for special events like a gala or golf tournament.

    • Bulk hours for committees and board members. This is more of an honour system.

    • Scheduled hours can be set up for monthly hours to support volunteer activity

Import Utility

  • Smart import with a Compare Option

  • Used for our Donate Now gift import

  • Can be used for segmentation, address updates, adding new records and more.

Customizable Tables

  • Customizable tables let you add a wide range of data on donors, funders, and advocates. There are forty-two tables in total. Here are just a few:

    • Qualities or characteristics​

    • Memberships for committees, boards, and special groups

    • Donor Interests - why donors give

    • Relationships

    • Achievements

    • Recognition

    • Demographic

    • Campaign Type and Campaign Code

    • Funds

    • Campaign Expense

    • ​Volunteer Accreditations​

    • Volunteer Interests

    • Volunteer Recognition


  • @EASE offers a rich number of on-line tutorials and documents to support our clients.

  • Tutorials are accessible from the Main Menu.

  • We have taught for Computer Technology schools and developed end-user training programs for the continuing education department at the University of Manitoba. We are strongly in favour of training.


  • New clients receive two days of training at our Learning Centre for one individual.

  • Additional training is offered throughout the year.

  • Online webinars are offered, some for a fee and some at no cost.

Cloud or Installed

  • @EASE uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • For cloud solutions, we provide two licenses for each user, one for their office system and one for their mobile tablet. A 'One Drive' is employed to ensure the EaseKMS files are readily available to all licensed users.