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Why @EASE?

Let us show you!


Keeping Your Charitable Dollars


Our price does not increase as you get more successful.

@EASE is a complete solution with no costly modules. 

We offer a cloud solution or installed.

You are Making a Difference

We don't expect you or your staff to learn technical skills.

There are no queries or guesswork, just good decisions!

Anyone can run reports so no work interruption is necessary.

Lost hours are re-directed to donors and new opportunities.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Workplace

We have aligned all electronic tools with our EaseKMS for fifteen-second retrieval. 

We add features at no cost to our clients. We collaborate with you to create the best possible solution. We believe in training. Our tutorials reflect the best way to manage data, so no guessing on your part.

Making Smart Decisions

We have added vibrant analytics so no need for outside "consultants".

We support Donor-Centric Fund Development.


Your Success is Our Goal

We offer a No Clutter environment to build confidence.

We provide First Class Support​​ by people who know and understand fundraising.

We LOVE Helping You

                                Help so Many

We love what we do and will do whatever we can to help.

How can help you to love what you do, too!

Check out our many Features!

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