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Cost Benefits of Using Donate Now

It's Your Brand

When you use Donate Now, you are offering your logo, your words and your receipts. 

You are not promoting another charity or expecting your donors to apply for access to another payment source. All branding is that of the charity.

Fund Development Benefits

iATS Payments is the payment tool @EASE uses. It offers each client their own merchant account which others do not.

Donation amounts and transactions are deposited to the charity's account on the next banking day, so dollars are not held, nor do staff need to request a fund transfer.

Both credit card and bank account withdrawals are enabled for recurring donations that occur on a scheduled basis without staff action.

Transactions and donations follow addressing standards as required by both Canada Post and the US Postal Service, so the charity upon import will have better quality data.

There are NO Anonymous donors; the charity receives all contact information.


Place your links on your website as embedded pages. Place your links on your eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites. Team members can share their link with all their Facebook fans to expand the potential audience. There is no limit to what can be achieved.

Cost Analysis

We have developed a cost analysis using data from one vehicle often used by charities as they consider it to be inexpensive. Here is a spreadsheet that shows the costs. @EASE proves to be the less costly with more overall benefits:

Others may offer only a slightly lesser fee, but what do they ask in return and what does your charity lose?

The Data 

Once donations have been made the data needs to be imported. @EASE handles donations, tickets, peer to peer events all smoothly. Reporting on peer to peer events, managing monthly gifts, tickets offers well-designed information for senior management and boards.

With the data in a format that meets the needs of @EASE, the time required for importing donations is significantly reduced. Clean up is non-existent, whereas, with other applications, the cost to manipulate data adds to the cost of processing. The import for Donate Now transactions saves time and dollars.

Is it Difficult or Time-Consuming to Set up a Campaign?

We will begin by assuming you don't throw campaigns together without thought or planning regardless of what system you use. Next, the implementation into @EASE is less than 10 minutes once you have your text in place.

Take a look at some of our samples found in

We are here to assist you so that your charity can benefit from the tools Batsch Group Inc has designed to help you achieve your goals.

The Batsch Group Team

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