Book Reviews

From Cynthia Armour CFRE

Sharron and I are equally "seasoned" in the world of fund development and yet she brings a valuable perspective that is well beyond my expertise.

In my 30+ years of work with nonprofits, I'm shocked by how many teams have sabotaged their success by ignoring the imperative of a systematic approach to information management.


"From Chaos to Control" is an easy-to-read, practical guide that (if applied) will strengthen any organization. By recognizing what a valuable commodity knowledge is, the benefits are exponential; time is saved, frustrations are alleviated, your donors will feel respected and your board and senior staff will have the necessary data, easily accessed, to make informed decisions.


The title says it all!

From Simone Joyaux ACFRE

Does your organization live in chaos? How about your fundraising department?

Check out this useful book From Chaos to Control: Build a High Performance Team Using Knowledge Management, by Sharron Batsch.

As Sharron says, chaos need not be the norm. So what’s your CQ (Chaos Quotient)? For example:

  • Use the evaluation tool to determine your donor data management CQ.

  • Use another evaluation tool to determine your CQ in your knowledge-based system.

I like Sharron’s acronym for the problem: L.O.S.T. (Leadership – Order – Staffing – Training).

Fix all four and your chaos quotient goes way down! And Sharron tells you how to fix it all.


This book describes a step-by-step process to building your Knowledge Plan (KPlan). Anecdotes describe problems. (Oh, how awful these are!) The book describes solutions. And then the book describes the Knowledge Management System Toolkit.


And then there’s the 15-second rule. Sharron’s office and team evaluate the effectiveness of their Knowledge Management System by whether (or not) they can locate the specific resource file needed in a particular situation — within 15 seconds. Wow. Imagine that kind of efficiency!


I really like this book. Use it! Make a big, important, useful change. Now!

From Kate Wallace

Should be a ‘must-read’ for everyone in the organization.  It’s not rocket science, but sadly not everyone understands the importance of why relationships need to be accurate, up-to-date and inclusive!”


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