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Donors for Life: How You Hear Them


We have all been impressed by the importance of the donor.

Our question is

'Do You Hear them?'

As we rush to meet our goals, are we missing an opportunity

to elevate our results by not listening

to what our donors are telling us?

'Do You Hear Them?'

Are we focusing more on process than on people?


Join us for a discussion that ventures into the realm

of the "Undiscussable", an area where charities could excel.

Don Keel is joining us from the USA, as he introduces

building the

'Responsive Chord' vital to Donors for Life.


Talk about High Performance with Sharron Batsch,

software developer & the author of

'From Chaos to Control',

as it transforms a charity's knowledge

into relationships with its donor.

What we know strengthens a charity.

What we forget or lose diminishes it.


Donors for Life: How You Hear Them

will excite you with possibilities.

Together we can engage in a conversation

that has long been fraught with challenges.


It is time to liberate what you know & learn

to build wealth and sustainability for your charity.

January 12, 2022 

1 PM EST -  2 PM EST


Don Keel

Don Keel has over 45 years of experience working with non-profit institutions to strengthen their fundraising and their constituency relations.


He has held positions of vice president for institutional advancement at two private colleges, responsible for development, alumni relations, and external relations. He has served as associate vice chancellor for development at a state university, in charge of development of all the colleges of the university.


He has been director of development of a major symphony orchestra and has been a consultant to new eleemosynary foundations of two-state museums, a military college, and a major equestrian centre.

He has had leadership roles organizing multi-million-dollar capital campaigns, produced award-winning fundraising videos, and conducted workshops for The Explorer’s Club with National Geographic Magazine and The Discovery Channel.

Sharron Batsch

Sharron Batsch has over 30 years of experience working with non-profit organizations through the Batsch Group software product @EASE. 

Sharron worked at the Southern Institute of Technology teaching software for the Math/Physics department. Upon moving to Manitoba she worked with the University of Manitoba developing over 146 microcomputer programs through Continuing Education. 

During her time in Manitoba, she developed the concept of a Knowledge Management System and received a national award from the Canadian Consulting Engineers & the Consulting Engineers of Alberta.

She is the author of From Chaos to Control Build a High Performance Team Using Knowledge Management. 

Sharron works daily with a client base of non-profits to assist them with their information management and campaign strategies.

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