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Software Reviews

Fort St John Hospital Foundation

The Fort St John Hospital Foundation uses the @EASE Batsch Group Software which is a database that captures all of our information through many features designed to create efficient processes, for example, our bookkeeping practices are more sound and error-proof.  Our report printing for presenting to my Board of Directors is clear and easy to draw a report for specific details.  Customer Service is excellent with quick solutions to questions and good support & training from the support team. 
Some of the key features:  

@EASE easily captures and tracks donor information, donation summaries, and donor trends to help us achieve our fundraising goals.  We are able to pull and analyze the specific report in order to analyze and breakdown campaigns and evaluating our successes.

@EASE helps to develop and streamline fund development with features to scheduling grant proposals.  

There are great mail merge features.

@EASE provides a Donate Now feature for an efficient on-line giving tool as well as event peer 2 peer fundraising or ticket purchasing.  

Easily accessible tutorials such as valuable fundraising insights & knowledge about donors and donor stewardship, tracking donors, memberships, volunteers and much more!

Niki Hedges, Executive Director

Youth Empowerment & Support Services

Youth Empowerment & Support Services has been using @Ease software since 2003 and are very happy with the software.  It offers a comprehensive set of tools, not just for recording donations, but for funds development, donor relations, tracking grant applications and responses, and volunteer data.  The pages are laid out in logical, readable fashion and links are easy to find and use.  There is a wonderful option, called Dickens, that is great for keeping notes for donor relations or to track important data on individual donor records, and there are plenty of tutorials available from the homepage. 


The Batsch Group team is very accessible to their clients and regularly updates the software, often in response to users’ requests for changes or for fine-tuning functions to make them even more user-friendly. Any issues are dealt with promptly and always to our satisfaction.  I have no hesitation in recommending this software and especially Sharron and her team for their excellent customer service.

Deanne Timmons, Donations & Office Systems Coordinator

Wings of Providence

Wings of Providence began our electronic data collection in 1998 with the @Ease database.  We are proud to support such an excellent Canadian product.  Sharron Batsch and her colleagues continue to understand the needs of charities whether it is gathering donor information,  producing funding reports, streamlining data collection to financial statements or tracking volunteers – they find the best way to simplify the data we have.  They continue to incorporate all the newest technologies to keep us up to date.  It is a pleasure to work with Batsch Group.  

Linda Churchill, Manager of Fund Development

Bissell Centre

“@Ease is a powerful donor database with a myriad of functionality that integrates with your Outlook calendar that allows you to do many things, including running critical reports, conducting moves manage, tracking campaigns, and segmenting your donor base.  It is an easy tool to use, and customer support is top-notch.”

Rob Fragoso, CFRE – Senior Specialist, Donor Relations, Bissell Centre

Canadian Mental Health

 Working with Batsch Group and the @EASE team continues to enhance and support our fund-raising efforts.  There is a heightened benefit to working with the Batsch Group in that they will often contact us directly to see if everything is running smoothly, if we have tried running reports specific to our campaigns or if we have recently analyzed our data and results – she is genuinely interested in our success. 


The advice, plan, and execution implemented by Sharron during our recent data cleanse was seamless.  Our database was off-line for less than one week and the outcome has positioned us for better use of our data, reporting and helped us in gaining a better understanding of our relationship with our donors. We are able to focus on our campaigns and programs while being supported by Sharron – her expertise enables us in implement the best campaigns we can.  Training and support go beyond simply classroom examples, Sharron is able to walk us through practical examples using our own data.  @EASE, Sharron and the Batsch Group are an essential part of our Fund Development program.

Lori Humphrey Clements, Manager, Fund Development CMHA - Calgary Region

The Memorial Hospital Foundation, Bowmanville

We have been using @ Ease just over a year now and we are thrilled with its capabilities and potential. Every day we are discovering either for ourselves or with the expert advice of Sharron and her team new opportunities for development. I know that we’ve only scratched the surface in utilizing @ Ease but are confident that it will enable us to grow as a Foundation “…., one giver, one gift at a time”. It was at least a year or more from the day we first discovered @ Ease and Sharron did a run through with us. Don’t delay, you won’t look back.”

 Darlene Bastianelli, Executive Director, Memorial Hospital Foundation, Bowmanville ON (2011)

The Children's Ability Fund

I would like to recommend you have a look at some new database software.  Blackbaud (are out of the states) are really quite expensive.

We use @EASE here in this office – available from Sharron Batsch at the Batsch Group.  They are a local Canadian company that has been in business for a number of years and have designed a multi-faceted, multi-level data management software that does a myriad of things from data management to tickets for an event.  They currently have their software in a number of different organizations that cater to a lot of different needs.  They offer lots of training, are continually updating their program to add new features and I have found that they are always there to help out when asked.

As you have a small database, I understand they now have a lite version that would fulfill your needs at much less cost. They also convert existing data and are always available to help train new staff as the need arises

As I said we have used them for a number of years now and are very satisfied. Check out Batsch Group.

Carol A Russ CMA BMgt Executive Director

 St Michael's Health Group

We have been using @Ease for several years now and are very pleased with the program and especially the superb support we get from Sharron and her staff.  Prior to moving to @Ease, we had no official database program.  Now, having all our donor information and volunteer data in one location, our organization is so much more efficient!  Not only have we increased our fundraising and grown our volunteer base, but we now have the tools to analyze our data and strategically plan our campaigns and events.  And if we are ever in need of help or have any questions, answers are only a phone call away. We could not be happier!    

Christine Teterenko  Director, Fund Development & Communications 

 CAUSE Canada

"We at CAUSE Canada could not be more thrilled with the service we have received from @Ease over the past 5 years. We have used 4 previous donor management systems and this is by far the easiest to use for tracking donations, volunteers, managing events and issuing receipts. The technical support provided by @Ease has been helpful, thorough and timely as well."

Bev Carrick, Executive Director, Cause Canada

Saskatoon Friendship Inn

I just wanted to make a comment about your @EASE program. As you know, I am new to the receipting process and had virtually no “on the job training” in receipting when I started two months ago. I was very apprehensive in the beginning because I thought that it was so much to learn and I was not familiar at all with@EASE.

Through your excellent tutorials and the amazing help I have received from your office, I can honestly say that it was way easier than I thought. I found your tutorials were very specific and went along at a pace I could grasp. After a few errors that you and your staff have helped me through, I now feel comfortable and have been receipting for the last month without much problem. Although I still have much to learn, I am not afraid to look anything up on your Help website and feel that I can add and apply what I learn to my everyday work. I have to say that I am enjoying receipting very much, and I certainly thought I would never be saying that in the beginning. I want to thank you, Sharron, for your personal interest in our company, and all the hard work you have helped us with throughout the last few months. I will definitely be recommending your program to other organizations in our area!

Wendi Hudon, Office Manager

 Fundraising Intelligence, Vancouver BC

@Ease is a robust, relational database, that caters to the not for profit sector.  The integration with Microsoft Outlook streamlines fundraising actions, so donor records are automatically updated. The import utility makes bringing new data and updating existing records simple and straightforward.  The built-in reports allow flexibility and are not too complex for new users.  I have been looking for a while...  @Ease is simply the best fundraising solution available.

Tamara Wojdylo, President

Victoria Hospital Foundation

There are lots of companies offering all kinds of Donor Management Systems.  We selected @EASE because they understand who we are, what we do, their system integrates seamlessly with our accounting package and above all they provide outstanding customer support.

Rob Dalziel, Executive Director

CAUSE Canada

"The Batsch Group offers the best tech support I've ever experienced. They are prompt, reliable and willing to help out in any situation. I always feel confident knowing that I have the Batsch support team behind me!"

Grace Rempel, Director of Donor Relations

South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation

“I’ve worked for fifteen years in fundraising and I’ve worked with every sophisticated fundraising software program on the market. @Ease is as good or better than any product out there; it’s a Canadian product (therefore uses Canadian data, i.e. postal codes) and the price is fair or better than most of the competitors. Above all @Ease is the easiest company we’ve ever worked within our history. They have adapted the program to fit our needs and they put their clients' needs first. Why any fundraising organization in Canada would use an American product is beyond me. Go with @Ease and solve your problems; we’ve been with them for five years and expect a long and happy future with them.”

Janice Perrino, CFRE  Executive Director

Fort Saskatchewan Health Foundation

When you buy software, you hope that you can find someone, if there is ever a problem. In the case of some software for nonprofits from Edmonton, you can not only find someone, but you can get some of the best support around and in-depth knowledge about nonprofits.

Batsch Group has created and supports software called @EASE. When it comes to support, there just isn’t any around that is better than theirs. They are always helpful and answer your questions, sometimes by phone or email and sometimes by a computer link-up.

I never worry about donor or receipting problems, I know that help is just a call away.

Brian Mackay, Database Manager

Interior Health Authority

I would like to thank Sharron and her staff for @Ease Fundraising Software. Interior Health has been using the @Ease Fundraising Software since 2005.

I am the primary analyst for all the Hospital Foundation Departments (six using @Ease, four using Raise's Edge) and I have to say that @Ease has been the best fundraising software that we are currently using, from a support standpoint. From what I hear from @EASE end-users working daily on the software,  that it is easy to use and intuitive.

I have fewer calls from the sites using the @Ease software than those using Raiser's Edge. In fact, I have one site that wants to switch over from Raiser's Edge to @Ease - this would be the second site to do make a change.

Since the initial install, we have had no problems with the software. It is stable, and except for the occasional update (these are to add new features that the Foundations have requested, rarely to fix bugs). There is no extra work from a support side since we have started to use this software.

John Broughton Foundation Analyst, Interior Health Authority

The Support Network

At The Support Network, donor database work was getting to near impossible. Our old database was a money pit that did not give us the reporting information we needed. The technical support for it was disappointing. So, we looked around and decided on a demo of @EASE from the Batsch Group. From the moment Sharron Batsch showed us what @EASE's capabilities were, we were salivating. With the funding support of an anonymous donor, we bought @EASE and started to train up on the new system, and of course, on how to be "boringly consistent" with our data entry. We still have a lot to learn, but we love @EASE. The system is user-friendly, easy to train up on, and reports are exactly what we need. When we run into problems, Sharron and Ann have been available to answer our questions and sort things out for us. The service is great, just a phone call away.

Colette Mandin Fund Development and Communications, The Support Network

Volunteer Calgary

"Ray and I were quite impressed with the forethought you've used in its creation, and the overriding philosophy to basically eliminate the need for end-users to possess technical knowledge in order to be proficient. The degree of comprehensiveness is definitely amazing, but my first reaction was how user-friendly it was. Further thought with my "client cap" on last evening just reinforced that impression. All the built-in capabilities which allow an ED or staff member to input and manage volumes of data very quickly (with likely only a moderate learning curve) means precious time can be spent on other matters. "

Further to the remarks above:

"I'm sure there are many other organizations seeking a robust Client Relations Management software product that does not require a programmer to manage and manipulate the queries. Most do not have the luxury of having this resource, nor, in my opinion, with well-designed software in place, should they really require one. So much time can be consumed on software issues that the business of running the organization is diminished. It sounds ludicrous but happens far too frequently. I know the technological capability is there to do a much better job in overcoming these issues, but what is so often lacking in the design phase and resulting software product creation is a thorough understanding of the business and end-user needs.

Well constructed, intuitive, invisible technology that responds effectively to an individual's logic is far more appealing and usable. I realize this is nothing new on the long list of technological complaints, but finding software products that have been designed with these parameters being an integral part of the design criteria is unfortunately not the norm. I feel it is important to recognize the philosophy and approach The Batsch Group has taken with its @EASE software. They have tuned in and adhered to these constructs, and their results are refreshing in foresight and ease of use. I look forward to more good work from these folks in the collective challenge to refine and improve how we work. Thank you for this gem. "

Neil McNeil, Business Consultant, Volunteer Calgary

Fort Edmonton Park

Just because the Fort Edmonton Foundation raises money to preserve history doesn't mean that we operate an antiquated office. Thanks to the Batsch Group and the @EASE fundraising software, our office is truly in the 21st Century. Tax receipting now takes a fraction of the time, and all of our information is in one place. Our donation records jive more closely with our accounting system, and everybody in the office (all three of us), even our Executive Director, can find the information they need within the program with "ease." I feel we have barely scratched the surface of what this software can do for the Foundation, and I look forward to exploiting all of its assets.

Lauren Baker, Executive Assistant, Fort Edmonton Foundation

and in March 2006 "Thanks for ALL your help! If you ever need a spokesperson for how great @ease is and the support behind it, I'm your gal!!!"

Lauren Baker, Executive Assistant, Fort Edmonton Foundation

Oblate Mission Associates – AMMI Lacombe Canada MAMI

The @EASE program has shown us incredible capabilities in assisting with the growth of our organization. The flexible software, customized and tailored for our specific needs, allows for easy data input and receipting as well as provides us with multiple and immediate managerial reporting in various areas including campaign analysis and break out code details. The flexibility in the program compliments our planning for the future and has proven beneficial in our fundraising efforts. Sharron and Anne’s professionalism, the genuine willingness and quick response to advise us in any way possible is so greatly appreciated. We know that the @EASE program will be a strong support base as we continue to build relationships with our members. We are proud to be a part of Batsch’s clientele!

Diane Lepage, Coordination Team Member

The Parkinson's Society of Alberta

@Ease is a powerful software tool, yet easy to set up and use. Receipts can be generated very quickly and efficiently. The "ready to use" donation breakout report makes it a snap to enter totals into the GL. With the number of "ready to use" reports and the Q-Xpress feature, information is easily retrievable into a format that can be manipulated. The staff at Batsch Group is helpful and friendly and can always be counted on for a quick answer to any question or problem.
Linda Riley, Administrative Assistant

Foundation of the State Bar of California

We struggled for a number of years with some software purchases from a firm in San Diego. While the product was questionable, we may have been able to live with that had the support been there. But we frequently were left hanging by people who either didn't know or didn't care. then, fortunately, we met Sharron Batsch.

To use a phrase from my old neighborhood, Sharron "hits you where you live." She is very accepting that each situation is unique and each staff person has his or her own level of computer fluency. She spends a great amount of time with customers and has helped all of us improve our skill level.

The most important thing is that when we need Sharron, she's there. I highly recommend her software, her service, and her company.

James Pfeiffer, Executive Director

Youth Empowerment & Support Services 

YESS converted their donor database to @EASE in September 2003.  We find the program easy to use - the conversion cleaned up most of the duplicates and other items when we converted.  

Data entry is a breeze.  The speed of data entry is about 1/4 of the time.  Moving between screens to input receipts and update donors is fast and helps eliminate duplicates.  We have saved on resources such as paper in processing our batch reports.  These reports are easier to read and they show our GL accounts making it simpler

Everything we need to accomplish is just easier to do.  We did 500 receipts in just over one hour.  Printing of receipts and letters quick giving us time for other jobs

The cost is about a quarter of the previous program we were using!                                                                                                                   ,

Deb Nielsen, Office Administrator

CKUA Radio

"Dear Sharron,

I just want to say how pleasurable and positive it was working with you and your team to develop much-needed fundraising software and applications for our network. Your team's immense talent and professionalism are surpassed only their patience and good humour. We at CKUA are absolutely thrilled about the significant improvements and opportunities your work has afforded us. Thanks so much for your generous and prolific efforts in the development and implementation phases and your ongoing professional support. It was, and is, a pleasure working with you.


Ken Regan General Manager, CKUA Radio Network"

CKUA Radio

@ease is a great software package, and the Batsch Group are wonderful people that are willing to assist you in any way possible, any time of the day to make sure that you not only understand what the program does but also help with any program issues that might arise.

--Lindsay Sasseville - CKUA Radio Foundation

CKUA Radio

I had worked on another well known, donor management software product for three years.  Unfortunately, none of our issues were ever resolved; the response we repeatedly received from their support team was "As soon as others see a use for it, we will think about doing something about your concerns on our next rewrite."

Sharron Batsch and her team at "Batsch Group" offer support and feedback on how to manage a successful database.  They are readily accessible either by phone/e-mail or in person.  They take their responsibilities to their clients seriously and are building their reputation on the premise of "client satisfaction".

One concrete example of what @EASE software has done for us is to decrease the amount of time spent on processing and posting donations.  For example, our mid-month debit used to take approximately 1 week to process; with @EASE it now takes us 1 hour, despite a substantial increase in donations & debits.  Moreover, @EASE has significantly expanded our ability to serve "our" clients better and as a result, we have happier clients and more loyal donors.

As a Data Management Supervisor, I would strongly recommend @EASE Software and Batsch Group.

Data Management Supervisor

Northern Lights Health Foundation

It is a pleasure to work with a software program that is not only able to quickly and easily process donations, receipts, and report requests but can do so in a cost-effective manner. The conversion of our data from Raiser's Edge was seamless, thanks to the hard work and strict attention to detail from the @Ease owners and staff. @Ease is not only easy to use but the training and maintenance costs are extremely reasonable - allowing us to further demonstrate our fiscal responsibility to our donors.

Kara Flynn, Executive Director

Crossroads Regional Health Authority

Since our conversion to the @Ease program, I have done virtually NO troubleshooting with this product. I am the IT/IM lead for this program and therefore am responsible for any issues that arise with it. I can honestly say that my only interaction with this program has been to install the updates. It has been a world of difference working with this program in comparison to our previous one (which was a complete nightmare).  Thanks for the great product!                                                                                                  

Anita Schmuland  Support Specialist

Legacy Fundraising Consultants Inc.

“I have found this program works great in combination with a successful capital campaign.

It offers a fundraising database that is customized to work for you. I have found that the support and counsel offered by @Ease is as valuable as the software. The staff that works at Batsch Group offers advice based on years of real-world fundraising experience. An alliance with Batsch Group will help your fundraising program to grow. @Ease transforms your list of donors to a relational contact management tool. As President of Legacy Fundraising Consultants Inc., I recommend this software for your agency.”

Neil Hayes CFRE

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