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iATS Payments is a leading provider of payment processing services for nonprofit organizations and a trusted partner of Batsch Group.  


iATS simple, seamless transaction processing products and services are specially designed to help nonprofits save time and money on fundraising, allowing them to focus more energy on their mission.   Based in Vancouver, BC, iATS Payments has over 30 years of experience working with over 10,000 clients around the world.


These are special rates offered to New iATS clients to the end of November 2021.

Rates for CAD $ credit card processing are as follows:

VISA and MasterCard:            1.95

American Express:                  2.50

Transaction fee:                     $0.15

New rates may exist and these will be confirmed by IATS.


The contact information for iATS Payments is as follows:

When requesting an iATS account please use the following link and add


Partner Link and Partner Email ... Sharron and ease@batschgroup.com

*** Be sure to let iATS know you want Online donations for EFT and CC gifts. ***

iATS link for a new service click here

Website:       www.iatspayments.com

Address:       600 – 1188 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC  V6E 4A

Phone:          1-888-955-5455

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