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Online Donations, Ticket Sales, Registrations ++


Create all the on-line giving/purchase opportunities your charity needs through Donate Now.

Donate Now works seamlessly with @EASE. Its data collection supports proper address management, different types of giving and provides clients with full control of their message.

@EASE has an intelligent Import Utility with comparison and update functionality, so no duplicates!

Sponsorships, purchases, ticket sales with or without a benefit, registrations with or without a fee, donations and monthly gifts are suddenly easier to manage than ever before.

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Raise Funds with Ease is our answer to Peer to Peer fundraising activity.

Create special events, registrations, teams and donations.

Using RFWE accumulates the value of participants and third party hosts by fiscal year. Recognizing valued supporters has never been so easy.


For Team events, the @EASE Team Report displays all results. Donations can be given to the event, to a team or a team member. 

@EASE, Donate Now and Raise Funds with Ease use iATS Payments.


For more information on iATS Payments click here.

Contact us for a DEMO!


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