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Donate Now and Raise Funds with Ease (RFWE)

Donate Now is our interactive online giving tool.

Your receipts,  message and Thank you Video!

How can you use Donate Now?

Donate Now can be used for

  • individual donations,

  • monthly pledge commitments,

  • in memory or in honour of donations,

  • ticket sales for galas, tournaments, or lotteries

  • registrations with or without a fee and

  • memberships new or renewals.

Raise Funds with Ease (RFWE) utilizes Donate Now to offer event-based fundraising.

  • Runs, walks, bike, hikes ... anywhere you have a team, team members and people willing to support them. Rather than using a software incompatible with @EASE use RFWE. It works seamlessly.

Customize Your Entry Tables & Receipt Messages

Create your own environment with tables which match @EASE. Tables like 'How did you find out about us?' or Employer lists all help FD staff increase your read and understand what works.

Gift Designation

Enter a list of funds enabling the donor to designate their donation to a specific area of interest.

How Did You Find Out About Us?

Provide a list of possible ways the donor was introduced to the organization. Get a report on the results when the gift data is imported.

Other Custom Tables

Other tables include a salutation, email, phone and country.

Employer Table

Donors may work for a company which offers a matching gift. Or the charity may have agreements with organizations which offer a matching gift in which case they can populate the Employer table. At the point of import into @EASE this information is stored with the record and an export file by employer can be built to access a further donation.

Entry Fields


Fee Payment

Donors can include the service fee with their gift or purchase.

Employer Matching Gift

Donors can identify their employer where the company will give a matching gift.  The Charity can identify those organizations where a matching gift agreement stands.

Other Benefits

Seamless Import

The Import Utility in @EASE compares all transactions against existing private and corporate master records.

Builds a Pledge Master Record
If a pledge is gifted, @EASE sets up the pledge master record when imported.

Monthly Donations

With iATS Payments a charity can have monthly gifts paid automatically.

Receipt Maintenance

Call in with a donation and using the charity's iATS account the donation can be entered & paid through the Receipt Maintenance window.

Donations / Registrations / Purchases

Third Party Supporters

Donate Now lets you create individual pages for supporters who want to raise money for the charity.

They can add their photo or photo collage, 2000 characters of descriptive text.

Leading donors are listed or they can anonymous.

The charity receives gift notification and imports the transaction data to issue an eReceipt. The money is in their account the next business day.

Event Tickets

The new ticket sale area lets the charity decide what the ticket configuration is as it develops the options offered to purchasers.  Benefit and non-benefit are recorded for each type of ticket making importing and reporting very easy.  Lottery tickets, gala tickets, golf entry tickets, sports event tickets, if you have a ticket @EASE and Donate Now has a solution.

Other forms of Donations

In Memory / In Honour of Donations

General Donations

Direct Mail / Email Campaign Donations



Supporters or event participants can register for events with or without a fee

Cost Savings to the Charity

The Donate Now site uses separate address fields which complement how @EASE manages contact information. Proper names are capitalized.  These two features alone save staff hours of cleaning up poorly formatted data found in the usual on-line systems. 

Ask how you want staff spending their time and what are the costs?  Hours are lost for more productive activities while dealing with poorly constructed input forms found in other systems.

Ask for a DEMO


Contact us and we will be happy to showcase Donate Now and all its features.

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