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Building a Sustainable Non-Profit

Building a High Performance Team

Using Knowledge Management

We offer results focused programs and training to help non-profit organizations use their time and resources effectively.

From Chaos to Control Build a High Performance Team using Knowledge Management

 focuses on how well organized information and know-how, can elevate a charity from surviving to thriving.

Time is non-renewable. Staff whose time is diminished performing repetitive, non-productive tasks often leave more important work undone or incomplete or on the 'tomorrow' list.

Contact us to find out more about this program, Sustainability Now and learn more about how we can implement change, which will make a big impact on your Fund Development team and its success.

As the Executive Director of Change for Children,I had delegated most of the work with our database to our Funds Development person, but the information I learned in the course and the opportunity to learn hands-on with our own data - has been invaluable to my ability to succeed in my job. I highly recommend dedicating the time to this training – it is essential to deepening the relationships you have with your donors – and we also had a lot of fun!

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