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Building a Sustainable Non-Profit

Building a High Performance Team

Using Knowledge Management

We offer results-focused programs and training to help non-profit organizations use their time and resources effectively.

From Chaos to Control Build a High Performance Team using Knowledge Management

 focuses on how well-organized information and know-how can elevate a charity from surviving to thriving.

Time is non-renewable. Staff whose time is diminished performing repetitive, non-productive tasks often leave more important work undone or incomplete or on the 'tomorrow' list.

Contact us to learn more about this program, Sustainability Now and how we can implement change, which will significantly impact your Fund Development team and its success.

Ken Wyman Professor Emeritus Humber College Toronto

You are so right about the challenges for charities to keep track of all the information about donors, volunteers, people who ask for information, and beneficiaries (ticket buyers, alumni, clients, family, members, etc.). This MUST be centralized, accessible, and kept up to date. Too often, it is incomplete, scattered, or worse yet, not recorded.

Thanks for your excellent work carrying this message to those who need to hear, learn, and live it.

Cynthia Armour CFRE

I'm shocked by how many teams have sabotaged their success by ignoring the imperative of a systematic approach to information management.



By recognizing what a valuable commodity knowledge is, the benefits are exponential: time is saved, frustrations are alleviated, your donors will feel respected and your board and senior staff will have the necessary data, easily accessed, to make informed decisions.

Information, Knowledge and Time are the Building Blocks of a Successful Charity.

If your charity needs to define itself as one with Obligations to its Donors and Staff, contact us. Whatever software you are using, the opportunity exists to do it better.

The Batsch Group Team

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