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Relationships & Supporters

Successful fundraising is all about relationships and understanding how relationships affect a charity's sustainability. @EASE offers a rich & comprehensive area where development staff and management can add information in a clear uncluttered environment.

Know Your Supporters
Individuals, Organizations, Prospects & Volunteers

Individuals: Donors, Volunteers, and Prospects

@EASE  manages all basic contact information.

  • Couples may be set up as Significant Others where one address can be used for primary mailings.

  • A Shared Donor Summary will accumulate all donations to the same site.

  • Family members even the family pets can be noted.

  • Note Achievements a donor has received.

Organizations: Businesses, Religious Groups, Service Clubs, Foundations

@EASE records multiple contacts for each organization to give you optimum access to the right person.

Rich Profiles


  •  Memberships for board or committee and special groups like elite donors.

  •  Qualities or characteristics about donors which are important to know and recall.

  •  Recognition levels bestowed by the charity.

  •  Interests or giving criteria which cement their support.

  •  Relationships which exist between individuals and/or organizations.


Connecting Multiple Levels of Communications

  • Dickens, the CRM which manages touchpoints.

  • EaseKMS or Knowledge Management System links documents and agreements to donors.

  • Communications links to the web and social media.


Giving History

View a complete history by fiscal year for each supporter showing donations, purchases, sponsors' dollars and participation.  Easily identify high-value donors, consistent donors or donors who may have lapsed.


Wealth vs Want 


Let us show you easy it is to build a powerful knowledge base to sustain your charity.

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