Relationships & Supporters

Successful fundraising is all about relationships and understanding how relationships affect a charity's sustainability. @EASE offers a rich & comprehensive area where development staff and management can add information in a clear uncluttered environment.

                         Know Your Supporters

Individuals, Organizations, Prospects & Volunteers

Individuals: Donors, Volunteers and Prospects

@EASE  manages all basic contact information.

  • Couples may be set up as Significant Others where one address can be used for primary mailings

  • a Shared Donor Summary will accumulate all donations to the same site.

  • Family members even the family pets can be noted

  • Note Achievements a donor has received

Organizations: Businesses, Religious Groups, Service Clubs,Foundations

@EASE records multiple contacts for each organization to give you optimum access to the right person.

Rich Profiles


  •  Memberships for board or committee and special groups like elite donors.

  •  Qualities or characteristics about donors which are important to know and recall.

  •  Recognition levels bestowed by the charity

  •  Interests or giving criteria which cements their support  

  •  Relationships which exist between individuals and/or organizations.


Connecting Multiple Levels of Communications

  • Dickens, the CRM which manages touch points

  • EaseKMS or Knowledge Management System which links documents and agreements to donors

  • Communications links to the web and social media 


Giving History

View a complete history by fiscal year for each supporter showing donations, purchases, sponsors dollars and participation.  Easily identify high value donors, consistent donors or donors who may have lapsed.


Wealth vs Want 


Let us show you easy it is to build a powerful knowledge base to sustain your charity.