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@EASE  Version 3.5+

The following files are required for an Original Install only.


Please Note: Where the user is brand new (one of the five installs allowed with the license or where an additional license has been purchased, be sure to open more than one workstation and check that proper folder rights have been added for the user or users.


Download the following files to install Ease V 3.5+.


Server Folder Structure

The Folder structure for the server should be the following:







Install Files (to the EaseInstall folder)

Crystal Reports for @EASE

Please ensure you have installed SAP Crystal Reports run time engine for .NET Framework (32-bit) (any version between 13.0.17 and 13.0.28 ).

For those who have not updated, please download and run Crystal Reports as it is required for this update using the link below.

Crystal Reports

Testing Reports

Once @EASE is installed, run a report to ensure this is working. Where a report will not print, follow the steps below.

If you are having issues running crystal reports, download the exe file, place it in the Ease folder, and run it.

LinkToFixCrystalExe  This file has an additional character at the end of the name to enable the download. Please alter the extension to show .EXE before running it.  This fix must be run from the ProgramFilesx86 folder where Ease is installed.

EaseV2.0 Install

EaseSetupMSI can be used if Setup.exe is an issue.  (This may not be required ... only some systems have needed it.)

Current Update Files:  Database V415  & Program EasePatch20240523.exe

The current database @EASE Update. 

*** For clients with databases which have not yet been updated to V408, this must be run before the EaseUpdate409.exe due to the password change on Ease.mdb.

The current program patch @EASE Program Update. 

*** For clients with older systems where the database is V405 or less,

     run the databases listed below before running V410.

Database Update for V406  Run this update first.

Database Update for V408  Run this update next.

Run the current Update V410 download above.

Please Note:

The Database Update  MUST be Run from a computer where the most current patch

has been installed.


The EaseUpdatennn.exe file must reside in C:\Program Files(x86)Ease or

C:\Program Files (x86)Ease2008 (used by older versions of @EASE). If this is not done, error messages will appear.

Always right-click and use Run As Administrator for both the database update and the program patch.                                    

EASEKMS Folders and Files

Database Path

The Ease.INI file found in Program Files(x86)Ease will need to be updated to show the location of the database.

The updated Ease.ini file can sit on the Desktop. Once the file path is updated and saved, copy the Ease.ini to the appropriate Ease folder under Program Files (x86).

Screen Settings Warning

Please Note:  **** Do not change or modify the DPI settings for display settings.

DPI setting of smallest is required.

Please use the Screen Resolution to change the display.

Receipt Margins (is only required for clients using hardcopy receipts)


Receipt Margins for testing on the first install only.  Go To Receipt Menu Print Receipts and run Print Test ... see if the top margin needs aligning.

The Receipt Margins set is not required with the new PDF Receipt format.

The Receipt Margins document will explain the process if the text needs to be moved down. @EASE must be closed and re-opened to accept the margin changes found in the Ease.INI file.

Database Protection for .MDB Files (Not SQL)

Please Note:  The utility is required for clients with the .MDB file. This is not required for the SQL database version.

CompactDatabase2019 Files download

VB Files to be installed on the server download

The CompactDatabase2019.exe utility should be scheduled weekly. This is NOT a backup program but a database maintenance program that creates a CompactDatabase.LOG file which a user should check to ensure that Compact and Repair is run successfully at least once a week.


Batsch Group Inc  877-489-9911

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