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  • Sharron Batsch

Productivity, Stewardship, Results: The Donor Centered Charity

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A common theme for charities is staff turnover, lack of productivity and the struggle to maintain donation levels.

We attribute many of these issues to the charity’s ability to create and maintain a high performance work environment.

Like any business, access to tools and information is critical to its function and to those it employs.

Surprisingly few of you reading this will be interested in the how and why, to achieve better results.

The old adage ‘it has always been this way’ is clearly the mantra of common leadership.

This conversation is directed at Executive Directors who want more and are willing to make deceptively easy changes to free up staff time, bring in more dollars and have job satisfaction. You have said ‘We don’t have time to change’.

For some of you this is true. But for a few, this will be a challenge and one where you will rise from surviving to thriving.

There are four requirements:

  1. Leave your ego behind

  2. Be prepared to invest in change

  3. Never say Can’t

  4. Commit to action & implementation

2019 will look and feel and be, different. Join us on this journey sign up for Our podcast NPO Intelligence coming March 2019

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