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New Development Staff Training


The following are the sessions we recommend for new development staff.

Understanding @EASE at a macro level is important to anyone wanting to engage with donors, review giving history or visit with donors either virtually or in person.

Required pre-reading for attendees:  Anatomy of the Private, Corporate and Contact Windows and Reports and Q-Xpress.

The fee for each seminar will be $60.00 per hour.

  1. The Donor Record:                                   1 hour

    1. Individuals and couples

    2. Organizations and businesses with employee contacts

    3. Profiles and how to add to their value through the different fields

    4. How pulling a list is impacted with significant other relationships

  2. Why Campaigns are important                1 Hour

    1. The Donor Summary Report

    2. Types of Campaigns

    3. The Impact of Update to Master

    4. Reading a Q-Xpress pull

  3. Reports                                                      1.5 Hours

    1. Donor Reports

      1. Donor Profile

      2. Corporate Contacts Profile

    2. Analytic Reports

      1. Donor Retention

      2. Campaign Reports

        1. Comparisons with graphics

      3. Members with Donation Amounts

      4. Review Summary

  4. Q-Xpress                                                   1 Hour

    1. Reports using Q-Xpress View Data

    2. Donor Recognition using accumulated giving

We recommend all four sessions. Again these will be offered at a Macro Level.

Bookings can be made using the client’s data to increase familiarity.

We have open time during the week from Wednesday to Friday,

from 10 AM – Noon and 1 PM – 3 PM Mountain Time


All bookings are firm; cancellation will be invoiced.

Please let us know what times you have available and if you would like seminars using your data or would our generic test data.

Bookings will be made on a first come basis.


Batsch Group Inc

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